Vacationist Vol. No. 1

A Photographic Paper

Book cover shown on black background. Book title: VACATIONIST a photographic paper. Vintage photograph on cover of woman in campground eating a chicken drumstick. VACATIONIST spread showing two images, one of a woman seated on a beachfront ledge, and one seated on a park bench VACATIONIST spread showing two images of two women standing alone, one in a Roman square and one at Stonehenge Detail of VACATIONIST showing woman standing alone in Roman square Vacationist photograph woman looking at stonehenge VACATIONIST spread showing man and woman seated on balcony in Italy Detail of VACATIONIST spread showing woman seated on balcony in italy VACATIONIST spread page 40 showing two men and one woman standing in front of scottish castle Back cover of book Vacationist shown on black background. Back cover of VACATIONIST detail

Vacationist is a curated collection of found 35 mm slides; a meditation on discarded objects and an ode toward them. By presenting the lost records of ordinary lives in a seemingly neutral yet curated manner, isolated memories are embedded with gentle plot and structure. Scenes of easily recognizable monuments and unrecognizable subjects convey themes of both intimacy and solitude.

56pp, 11 × 14.75 in, acetate softcover, English language, edition of 250, 2018, ISBN 978-0-692-11845-0