Chris Burkham & Ignacio Evangelista


‘EUROPA?’ is a collaboration between a Spanish photographer and a British writer; combining photography and fiction to examine the experiences of modern European migrants. 

Ignacio Evangelista’s haunting photographic series ‘After Schengen’ shows abandoned and disused European border crossings following 1985’s Schengen Agreement… writer Chris Burkham saw these photos in the UK’s Independent on Sunday newspaper, and the result is ‘EUROPA?’; a hybrid collection of images and fiction. 

Burkham’s short stories ask who makes these journeys after-Schengen – and peoples Evangelista’s images with characters and their narratives that explore possibility, fear, hope and unease; playing on the notion of perpetual flux that is a central part of the European experiment. 


222pp, 150 × 190mm, foiled softcover, English language, edition of 250, 2023, ISBN 978-0-6489790-2-9