Oversharing My Selves

Sarah May


Oversharing My Selves is a collection of words and pictures from Texan writer Sarah May.

Holding up the physical body as a trophy of a life lived, a vessel of both beauty and trauma, and an odometer to our growth; Sarah May’s first book examines the idea of self-exploration as a serious and whimsical pastime. Exploring body, movement, maternity, technology, and relational dependence, as it is shown in sexual, romantic, and parental experiences; the book discusses the rejection of shame, the pursuit of transparency, and the resolve of resilience.

Sarah May is a writer and plus-size model based in Dallas, Texas. Her work is characterized by self-acceptance, movement, playfulness, emotional bonds, and the surreal.


120pp, 137 × 188mm, foiled softcover, English language, edition of 250, 2019, ISBN 978-0-578-46649-1