Vacationist Vol. No. 1

A Photographic Paper


Vacationist is a curated collection of found 35mm slides; a meditation on discarded objects and an ode toward them.

By presenting the lost records of ordinary lives in a seemingly neutral yet curated manner, isolated memories are embedded with gentle plot and structure. Scenes of easily recognizable monuments and unrecognizable subjects convey themes of both intimacy and solitude.

A curatorial presence is delicately woven through the book as patterns and repetitions emerge. Dossier Industries’ inaugural publication imbues paraphernalia of the past with a new power, revealing the timelessness of our relationships to place and one another.


56pp, 280 Ă— 375mm, wire binding with acetate cover, English language, edition of 250, 2018, ISBN 978-0-692-11845-0